Camarine (Empetrum) Krähenbeeren

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Camarine hermaphrodite (Empetrum hermaphroditumKrähenbeeren

Camarine hermaphroditeCamarine hermaphrodite (Empetrum hermaphroditum)

FR – Baie de corneille, Raisin de corneille, Vacinet noir
Famille des Empétracées
Biotope : pelouses de montagne
DE – Die Krähenbeeren (Empetrum) sind eine Pflanzengattung, die heute zur Familie der Heidekrautgewächse (Ericaceae)
ENEmpetrum, the crowberry, is a small genus of dwarf evergreen shrubs that bear edible fruit. They are commonly found in the northern hemisphere, from temperate to subarctic climates, and also in the Southern Andes of South America and on the South Atlantic islands of South Georgia, the Falklands and Tristan da Cunha. The typical habitat is on moorlands, tundra and muskeg, but also in spruce forests. They are also found abundantly on the dune slacks and sand dunes of the Danish Island of Fanø as well as all over Iceland.