Houque laineuse (Holcus lanatus) Wollige Honiggras

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Houque laineuse (Holcus lanatus L.Wollige Honiggras

HouqueHouque laineuse (Holcus lanatus L.)

FR – Blanchard, Houlque.
Famille des Graminées
Biotope : bois frais ou sec
Autre espèce : Houque molle (Holcus mollis L.)
DE – Das Wollige Honiggras (Holcus lanatus) ist eine Pflanzenart, die zur Familie der Süßgräser (Poaceae) gehört.
EN Holcus lanatus is a perennial grass. The specific epithet lanatus is Latin for ‘woolly’ which describes the plant’s hairy texture. Common names include Yorkshire fog, tufted grass, and meadow soft grass. In North America, where it is an invasive species, names include velvet grass and common velvet grass.