Carex à épis pendants (Carex pendula) Hänge-Segge

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Carex à épis pendants (Carex pendulaHänge-Segge

CarexCarex à épis pendants (Carex pendula)

FR – Laiche élevée
Famille des Cypéracées
Biotope : bois humide
DE – Die Hänge-Segge (Carex pendula), auch Hängende Segge, Große Segge oder Riesen-Segge genannt, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung Seggen (Carex) innerhalb Familie der Sauergrasgewächse (Cyperaceae).
ENCarex pendula is a tall, perennial plant which forms large, dense tufts. It can grow to 1.8 metres, occasionally reaching 2.4 metres. The smooth stems are triangular in cross-section with rounded angles. The long, hairless leaves are yellowish-green above and glaucous below. They are 8–20 mm wide. The simple flowers are borne on long, drooping, catkin-like spikes. There are 1–2 male spikes at the top of the stem with usually 4–5 female spikes below them. The male spikes are 55–160 mm long while the females spikes are 50–260 mm long and 5–7 mm wide. The fruits are green-brown and 3-5 mm long with a 1–2.5-mm beak. The plant typically flowers from May to June and fruits from June to July.