Cerfeuil sauvage (Anthricus silvestris) Wiesen-Kerbel

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Cerfeuil sauvage (Anthricus silvestris L.Wiesen-Kerbel

Cerfeuil sauvageCerfeuil sauvage (Anthricus silvestris L.)

FR – Persil d’âne, Anthrisque sauvage
Famille des Ombellifères
Biotope : praires
DE – Der Wiesen-Kerbel (Anthriscus sylvestris, Syn.: Chaerophyllum sylvestre) ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung Kerbel (Anthriscus), die zur Familie der Doldenblütler (Apiaceae) gehört.
ENAnthriscus sylvestris, known as cow parsley, wild chervil, wild beaked parsley, keck, or Queen Anne’s lace (UK), is a herbaceous biennial or short-lived perennial plant in the family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), genus Anthriscus. It is also sometimes called mother-die (especially in the UK), a name that is also applied to the common hawthorn. It is native to Europe, western Asia and northwestern Africa; in the south of its range in the Mediterranean region, it is limited to higher altitudes. It is related to other diverse members of Apiaceae, such as parsley, carrot, hemlock and hogweed.