Crépide à feuilles de vergerette

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Crépide à feuilles de vergerette (Crepis conyzifolia) Grossköpfiger Pippau

Crépide à feuilles de vergerette (Crepis conyzifolia)Crepis conyzifolia

FR Crepis conyzifolia, la Crépide à feuilles de vergerette ou Crépide à feuilles de Conyza, est une espèce végétale de la famille des Asteraceae.
DE Grossköpfiger Pippau (Crepis conyzifolia), Familieder Asteraceae.
EN – Crepis, commonly known in some parts of the world as hawksbeard or hawk’s-beard (but not to be confused with the related genus Hieracium with a similar common name), is a genus of annual and perennial flowering plants of the family Asteraceae superficially resembling the dandelion, the most conspicuous difference being that Crepis usually has branching scapes with multiple heads (though solitary heads can occur).